Monday, March 7, 2011

How to Make An Entrance

Making an entrance is never an easy task, even for the most experienced party-goers among us.  One needs to exude confidence while appearing approachable and relaxed.  Your outfit should be thoughtful and appropriate.  Consider your hair, nails and makeup.  You should look into the eyes of others as you survey the room, and smile.  There are so many rules!  That's one reason why we want our retreat; there's nothing more honest and relaxing than walking through the door of a weekend getaway where one can sit back in a carefree setting with good company.

Just as important as first impressions are in social situations, the entry to any space is equally important. The spaces below, in their simplicity, exude a confidence and sophistication of their own. As we embark on this cabin pilgrimage, our journey starts with an entrance...and if you'll please excuse us, we need to pick out our outfits. 
1.  Entrance to an apartment in Paris, Casamidy
3.  New Hampshire settee, Jeff R. Bridgman American Antiques
1 & 4.  The Rug Company
2.  Portrait of 'Oberschützenmeister', Christophe Edwards
3.  19th century oak Elizabethan-style table, Holmes Samsel Antiques
2.  19th century Persian Sultanabad carpet, Doris Leslie Blau
2.  Visconti two arm sconce, Gregorius Pineo
3.  English mahogany center table with marble top, c. 1810, Lee Stanton Antiques

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  1. Terrific! Love the inspiration here...

  2. Here's my feedback: Your blog looks very clean, streamlined, and well put together. I also enjoy the writing style. I love envisioning your stylish cabin, and hope to be invited for a visit someday. Oh, and I LOVE the entry way by McAlpine Booth!

  3. I'm lazy so I make a entrance in my home by having really nice rugs near my door. I also have lots of arts and crafts around the house.