Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Gentleman's Door

We've all been on vacation at one point in our lives and snapped the ubiquitous door photo.  What is it about doors, more than any other architectural element, that draws us in and makes us take notice?  It's our opinion that just as the handshake says a lot about the man, the door says everything about the cabin.  The wrong front door can destroy the entire cabin experience even for the most aesthetically challenged among us.  We want our cabin to embody the perfect mix of rustic charm and tailored sophistication and it all starts with choosing the proper door.  Setting the tone for the rest of the house, the front door needs to exude confidence yet remain humble, be direct while giving comfort.  If our cabin's front door could talk, it would shout in a dull whisper, "Here I am world, come turn my knob."  We would, however, be forced to find a new door because a gentleman's door should never shout, even in a dull whisper.  
1.  Nanamika Gore-Tex Field Jacket
1.  Portera Doors, Antique Spanish Doors
1.  Massive church doors
2.  Wrought iron hardware
1.  Rough forged iron dummy hinge strap, House of Antique Hardware 
2.  Scottish manor house
3.  Garsington Manor, England
2.  The Navy Blazer, Ralph Lauren
1.  Garretson Farm, Fair Lawn, New Jersey
2.  Trashness

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1 comment:

  1. (If you think I comment too much on your blog, just let me know:)
    IMHO, a cabin is not a cabin unless its door is of the wooden screen variety that closes with the unmistakable sproing/slap that only a door of this type can produce.
    And that double antique Spanish door on the lower right? When we studied in Spain, the host family where a friend lived had doors just like that. If I came to her house, I'd have to shout up to her window, and then she'd run down to open those big wooden doors for me. Thanks for reminding me of that pleasant memory!