Friday, March 11, 2011

A Call To Action...

Contrary to its name, the Living Room is a rarely lived in room...and we're blaming the baby-boomer generation for this sin.  How many of us grew up in households where we were forbidden to enter into the living room, for fear of our mother's wrathful storm? During the 18th and 19th centuries, the living room (or drawing room as it was sometimes referred to) was THE social gathering space in the home where ladies spent hours embroidering and gentlemen spent hours watching the ladies embroider.  Skip ahead 100 years and our parents, albeit unknowingly, have artificially changed our communal instincts and forced us to take refuge in the kitchens, and dare we say, basements of our youth.  We, for two, will not stand by this unnatural migration.  At our cabin, we want our daily regimen to revolve around a grande "old school" living room where we lounge about sipping tea in style or entertain guests in a glamorous setting surrounded by our favorite finds without fear of mucking anything up.  So, now's the time generation X, Y, Next or whatever they're calling us these day, to stand up and take back the living quarters that were so forcibly stolen from us. It's okay...step into your living room, remove those plastic cushion covers, flop down on the sofa and take it all's the civilized thing to do.  
(P.S. We still love you Mom.)
1.  Spring at the cabin
2.  The perfect cup of tea
3.  A Minneapolis penthouse by Andrew Flesher
1. J.K Hotel, Florence, Italy
2.  RL Restaurant, Chicago
3.  Vintage round bench upholstered in blue velvet, Jayson Home & Garden
1.  J.K Hotel, Florence, Italy
2.  Kotsuis and Hohhuq – Nakoaktok, Photograph by Edward Curtis, c. 1907
3.  Leather club chairs, French, c. 1930's
1.  Silver plated shoe cufflinks, Paul Smith
2.  Astor CourtsRhinebeck, New York  (check out that fireplace!!!)
1.  Easton Square, London drawing room by Michael S. Smith
2.  Oriental Salon at Axel Vervoordt's Castle, Belgium  
3.  "Cinnabar" glazed garden stool, Pagoda Red

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  1. So true, the living room should be a place where you enjoy spending time with the people you love the most. Furniture is meant to be sat on and not only admired. A cabin should be an escape from the chaos of life, but more importantly a place to create memories. One of my favorite things to do when I am at the lake is sit outside with my favorite coffee mug and watch the sun glisten off the water. It's the most peaceful moment of the day.