Thursday, March 24, 2011

Greener Pastures

We heard a rumor that Spring arrived this week, but Old Man Winter just won't give up.  We're so ready for our second favorite season of the year to begin (second only to Fall) because there is a real feeling in the air that something is about to happen.  Each evening the sun stays up for just a little bit longer, spring bulbs are starting to pop up in the most unexpected places and branches that have remained dormant all winter are now exhibiting signs of life.  This is the time of year when we pack up our sweaters, open the windows to let the fresh air in and give the house (and our minds) a good cleaning.  Here's hoping that this April's showers bring you plenty of figurative flowers.
2.  Dayna Decker wood wick candles
3.  Tommy Ton's Street Style
1.  English lead planters, Lincolnshire, England
2.  Caravaggio, Narcissus, 1599
3.  White Narcissus
1.  Filoli House, Woodside, California 
1.  Pink Magnolias
2.  Perrier-Jouët champagne
2. Gustave Caillebotte, Paris Street; Rainy Day, 1877
3.  Col. Littleton, purveyor of fine accoutrements in the Americana tradition
4.  Thomas O'Brien
1 & 3. Martha Stewart 
2.  William Yeoward Fern pattern stemware
2.  Aries terracotta urn at Treillage by Bunny Williams
3.  Semper Augustus Tulip

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