Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ski Lodge Mod

While most of the country is enjoying an unusually warm winter, we at Bubble & Squeak are yearning for the dreadful blizzard-like conditions that keep us draped in fur and curled up next to a roaring fire waiting for the spring thaw.  After all, just before winter’s solstice, we spent the weekend chopping and stacking our fire wood in preparation for that old man’s frigid grip (Yes, we own an axe!  And yes, we chopped our own wood!).  So, while we’ve been praying for the snow to fly, our good friend Patrick J. Hamilton has answered our plea by sharing with us his über mod cabin deep within the alpines.  In true Bubble & Squeak fashion, Patrick has also written an amazing story to accompany his vision.  So grab a glass of whisky, take a seat on your bear skin rug, and let Patrick's dream warm your soul.  
1.  Partick J. Hamilton
2.  An Austrian Alpine Cabin

1957. Or 1978. Or 2011.
Somewhere in the woods

Outside, snow. Smooth, even, pale blue where it hides from the full moon, the pines and birches painting stripes and bars across the powder. Only a pair of ski trails cuts through the shadows. Inside, the slow crackle of fire whispers a deep response to the laughing clink of ice in low glasses of amber. Around us, wood grain and slow curves. The firelight dances across the room, jumping through the quiet darkness from stainless steel to satiny varnish across slabs of wood to his eyes. He runs his hand through the deep fur below us. “Skål,” he says, toasting nothing. And everything. Our glasses touch.

In the night air, a scatter of embers rises with the fire’s smoke, crisscrossing with shooting stars and the first flakes of a storm that will tuck us in tonight and cover the trails that lead here. Tonight, tomorrow, just us. There will be time to break into headquarters later in the week, between storms and blizzards, when the snow will once again erase all our secrets.

1.  Blue Monday, Antarctica, 2007, by David Burdeny
2.  A Glass and Steel Cabin in Winter Park, Colorado
3.  Ultima Thule Bowl Designed in 1968 by Tapio Wirkkala for iittala
 1.  Contemporary Cabin in Aspen by Atelier AM
2.  Volcano Coffee Table, Chista
1.  Marble Candleholders, Design Within Reach
2.  Line Wine Bar, Design Within Reach
3.  YAMAZAKI Whisky, 18 Year Aged Single Malt Whisky
2.  Neal Coffee Table with White Marble Top
1.  Le Lodge Park Hotel, Megève, France
2.  Egg Chair designed in 1958 by Arne Jacobsen, Design Within Reach
1.  Intarsia Shawl Sweater, RLX by Ralph Lauren
1.  Long Horn Lamp, Shades of Light

In between chopping wood and cups of hot cocoa, we hope that you find time to check out and subscribe to Patrick's blog, Ask Patrick.  Patrick is also a frequent style contributor on Apartment Therapy where his skillfully curated house tours are becoming something of a phenomenon.  In addition to being an interiors blogger, writer, and interviewer, Patrick is an accomplished designer in his own right. He is the winner of the ApartmentTherapy.com first annual "Smallest Coolest Apartment Contest," and winner of the Bloomingdale's "Big Window Challenge". Patrick's interiors have also appeared everywhere from the cover of Florida Home & Garden to the pages of Ladies Home Journal.    

Patrick, a very special thank you from Jim and Erik!  When we finally wake from our whisky slumber, we hope the snows have not melted, so that we may spend more time in your winter dream.  Thank you for the memories!

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  1. FANTASTIC! What a fabulous chic ski cabin....love how uber sophisticated it is yet still very warm, cozy and inviting! I like you, am craving a big and major snow, then we happily skip onto spring in all its glory:)
    Thanks for sharing this was a definite treat!

  2. What a nice post, thank you for sharing your alpine home Patrick. Moving to the city from the mountain life really makes me rethink things this time of year. A little homesick here! Great product selection Bubble and Squeak, thanks for sharing your vision.
    All my best,

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  4. Just add snow!! Would look great in a cabin up here in Maine!

  5. I'd skip the skiing and go straight to the couch in order to enjoy that bar and fireplace!

  6. So chic! I love it especially the fire place.

  7. This is so beautiful! I am not one for the snow, but I would totally LOVE to reside here. Modern yet seems un touched by the modern world..... lovely. xx


  8. I absolutely love how all the materials and pieces interact with each other when grouped together, yet none compete despite each having their own unique qualities! The clean lines, tactile textiles and organic forms share common threads that make for a cohesive design- They're natural, entice the user to enjoy their surroundings and ever so chic!

  9. *** W*O*W, how WONDERFUL!!! Such an INCREDIBLE "giveaway" (!)... and "JUST" for LOOKING at pics I L*O*V*E to SEE???.... And as an ANTLER COLLECTOR (mostly vintage mounted Reh deer), from our 18 years living in Europe, can a CHANCE like THIS even GET any BETTER????

    L*O*V*E*D this posting!!! MANNNNNY THANKS~ great memories for us here!!!

    Linda in AZ *