Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Odyssey

23 April 2003
San Juan Islands

"It's just around this cusp."

"You said that about the last two," I shouted into the wind.


"Never mind!"

"It's hidden amidst the rocks.  We won't see it until we're upon it," he said before we embarked on what seemed like an impossible expedition down the rocky shoreline.  Earlier this morning we sailed North from Whidbey Island in Puget Sound until we reached the Southern coast of the San Juan Islands.  As a child, it was here that he remembers witnessing several hundred migrating Orca with his parents, or so he thinks.  No one can agree on the exact location of the occurrence.  His mom claims it was North of the island, and his dad insists it was West.  And, each time the story is retold, the Orca pods double in size and the boat dwindles.  Thus, it has become a family fairytale of sorts that I have never entirely believed.  To add mystery to the legend, there was also mention of a small cabin nestled among the stoney shoreline that "makes Falling Water look amateur" (again with the exaggerations!).

Months had been spent planning the trip and it was this weekend that he was intent on making me a believer.  I first started feeling sorry for him when, after several hours of sailing, there were no Orca sightings.  Likewise, we scaled the coastal cliffs for the last half of the day without spotting a single manmade structure.  "Maybe it really is on the Northern coast," I said to ease the blow.  With the sun setting in front of us he said, "No. It's here somewhere.  I know it is."  

2. Rutland Crystal Column by Vaughn Designs 
1. Pewter Mounted Ceramic Jardiniere by Orivit c.1902
1. Gant
2. Intermezzo Blue Double Old Fashioned by Orrefors
1. Seedling Dinnerware by West Elm
2. Sea Urchin Napkins by Seaside Inspired
1. Carl Suede Brown Slippers by Frette
2. Shawn Henderson Interior Design

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