Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Back To Basics with Beth Webb

Fall is almost here and most design students are back at school. While we at Bubble & Squeak graduated from design school years ago, we are always learning from the industry's more accomplished tastemakers.  One of the "instructors" teaching us the trade secrets lately is Atlanta based designer Beth Webb.  Having studied art history, and furthering her education at the famed Sotheby's Institute of Art in London leading to quite a successful career in the dog-eat-dog New York art arena, there are few designers we'd rather learn from than her.  Bubble & Squeak couldn't wait to sit down with "professor" Webb and ask her about her ideal cabin, and she was much obliged to offer these visual and philosophical explanations:

Bubble & Squeak:  What does "cabin" mean to you?  

Beth Webb:  My idea of nirvana would be a place where I could re-energize and stimulate the creative juices amidst quiet beauty with engaging company. A place where one has time to read, garden, take long and languid walks, and dream deeply.

BS:  Where do you picture this dream cabin?

BW:  I've had an ongoing and persistent fantasy about someday (operative word here is "someday") finding a fabulous little place on the Amalfi Coast, the south of France, or coastal Maine where I can go and check out!

BS:  Why is "checking out" important to you?

BW:  My primary motivation would be an attempt to sequester myself for a sufficiently long enough period of time to simply be able to "BE". "BEING" is a much sought after but elusive entity these days in our world of constant communication.  They call it a SABBATICAL, a "rest from work, or a hiatus, often lasting from two months to a year." By modern definition it is "an extended absence in the career of an individual in order to achieve something, or to fulfill some goal."  Is sleep a goal?

BS:  Absolutely!

BW:  Here are some of my inspirational images and, with any luck, the visualization process will work and I'll get there sooner rather than later!"

1. Coastal Maine
1. Valence Faucet by Herbeau
2. Photo by Pierrick Verny for Cote Maison
1. Photo by Nicolas Matheus for Cote Maison
2. Photo by Jean-Marc Palisse for Cote Maison
3. Ceiling Fixture by Aldo Bernardi
2. Photo by Guillaume de Laubier for Cote Maison
2. Photo by Bernard Touillon for Cote Maison
1. Photo by Bruno Warion for Cote Maison
2. Photo by Eric d'Herouville for Cote Maison
1. Photo by Bernard Touillon for Cote Maison
3.Photo by Bruno Warion for Cote Maison
1. Photo by Eric d'Herouville for Cote Maison
2. Luisa Dinnerware by Match

A special thank you to Beth Webb for the conversation about her dream cabin and what it means to truly "check out".  Be sure to check out her brand new website showcasing her portfolio of artfully curated interiors.  Thank you Beth!

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  1. great taste, beth webb is an american classic.
    currently i am on sabbatical in england and can relate, one feels energized and able to absorb ideas and inspiration at every turn.

    ps; love the new shop