Friday, May 27, 2011

A Weekend With Joe...

When you are superstar bloggers, like we are, you are constantly being bombarded with invitations to this event, or that party.  It's so demanding!  This Memorial Day weekend, however, we have been invited by one of our favorite designers to one of our favorite destinations...and we're bringing you with us!  Joe Ruggiero, who has traveled all over the United State touring historic homes and neighborhoods for his HGTV series, "Homes Across America", has invited Bubble & Squeak to visit his most memorable cabin retreat on Nantucket Island.  How could we refuse?  He had us at "docksiders" and "nautical prints"!  Readers, please welcome Mr. Joe Ruggiero...

"Hello Bubble & Squeak readers.  Years ago, when I lived on the East Coast, I had the chance of a lifetime to rent a spot on Nantucket Island for an entire summer.  Sharing time with my wife and children on the beach each day with the fresh air of the island, the faded blues of the ocean and the carefree lifestyle is something that has continued to inspire me for decades.  Years later I was fortunate enough to produce about ten segments on Nantucket for my show, "Homes Across America" for HGTV, and I was once again taken by the unique approach to the gardens, outdoor rooms, and uncomplicated yet elegant room decor that defines this extraordinary place.  These casual spaces mirror the love I have for summer living and have ultimately influenced my furniture and Sunbrella fabric collections.  Classic shapes and simple patterns inspired by the wonderful landscape of Nantucket, I have found, are the perfect solution for easy summer living.  I hope you agree."
1.  Nantucket Island
2.  A early US flag with 36 stars, c. 1864
3.  An original photo by Joe Ruggiero, for sale thru W. King Ambler, Inc.
1.  An original photo by Joe Ruggiero, for sale thru W. King Ambler, Inc.
2.  Joe Ruggiero
3.  Joe Ruggiero Sunbrella samples
1.  Gilt wood rope mirror with candlesticks, France, 19th century
2.  Design by Joe Ruggiero
1.  Bergen Occasional Chair designed by Joe Ruggiero for Miles Talbott
2.  Design by Joe Ruggiero
1.  Crawford Demilune designed by Joe Ruggiero for Gat Creek
2.  Design by Joe Ruggiero
1.  Marine oil painting, French, 19th century
2.  Design by Joe Ruggiero
1.  Brant Point Lighthouse
2.  Nantucket at dusk

Thank you Joe for the wonderful visit!  We couldn't agree more.  There is something rather timeless about a quaint fishing town.  Maybe it's the weathered buildings, or the fact that they're still using lighthouses to guide sail boats into the harbor each night.  Who knows...but it is undeniably relaxing.  

If you haven't already, we urge all of our readers to check out Joe's Sunbrella fabric collection.  These are some of the best, if not THE best, outdoor fabrics...that can be used indoors as well.  

Have a great holiday weekend!

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