Monday, April 18, 2011

An Invitation We Couldn't Refuse

San Francisco based designer and fellow blogger Scot Meacham Wood of The Adventures of Tartanscot has graciously invited us to his cabin this week.  Well, not really, but we are extremely excited that Scot is sharing his ideal weekend hideaway with Bubble & Squeak. What makes this tartan clad gentleman's heart race with inspiration? Well, be quiet!...he's about to say something....

1.  Scot Meacham Wood

“Greetings y’all.  Welcome.  It seems as though we’re all leading such incredibly busy lives.  Over-booked.  Over-worked.  Over-stressed.  And we all need to find a place where our minds can go quiet.  Whether it’s the site of fresh snowfall, the sound of the ocean, or the smell of a verdant forest - we all crave a place of retreat.
For me, I’ve always been a mountain person.  I’d much rather spend the weekend in the remotest corner of Lake Tahoe, than in the finest hotel in Hawaii.  It’s just the way that I’m wired.  I was quite lucky as a young kid, growing up near Los Angeles, to have spent my summers at a camp near Big Bear Lake.  Waking to see the sun rise over the mountains.  Swimming  everyday in the chilled waters of the lake.  That is the genesis of the constant wanderlust to be under a secluded, star-filled sky in the woods.  
So, please come and join me next to the roaring fire.  I've even brought the marshmallows."
1.  Big Bear Lake, outside of Los Angeles, California.
2.  SMW Design - Lake Tahoe Project
1 & 2.  SMW Design - Lake Tahoe Project
3.  Hickory Side Chair, Flat Rock Furniture
1.  Scot and friends rafting on the American River, near Auburn, California.
3.  Chipper Joseph, from House Beautiful
1.  Charlotte Moss, from Elle Decor
2.  Ralph Lauren's Double RL Ranch, Colorado
3.  Ralph Lauren Home Collection, Fall 2009

A big "THANK YOU" to Scot for his generosity and support.  If you have an extra minute, we encourage you to check out his wonderfully inspiring and beautiful blog, The Adventures of Tartanscot where Scot shares his motivations and tribulations as an interior designer.  

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  1. This is making me long for cold weather and a cozy cabin retreat nestled into the mountains. I'll revisit this post in November for inspiration.

  2. Scott: Great post. Seems like you hear a lot of designers brag that they don't use cliche elements like antler chandeliers and twig furniture in mountain homes. They say it is too predictable and unimaginative. I agree that it often seems like a lot of good classic things get over done, such as animal prints, for instance. But...the classics for mountain homes, done beautifully such as SMW and RLH, prove that you can NEVER get too much of the right and good things! Bravo!

  3. I'm there, book me in! So very comforting and cosy, just what I need after being in horrid hospital for 8 days. Love your work, love Linda x

  4. Thanks for all the great feedback everyone! SO pleased to have y'all over to my little cyber-cabin!