Thursday, August 18, 2011

Art for Art's Sake

Venice, 12 August 1949

Peggy paces back and forth in the salon of her newly acquired home.  “Where are those painters?”  She looks around at the curls of paint clinging for dear life to the plaster walls, taking notice of their less fortunate comrades lying on the cold stone floor below.  There is an air of neglect one would expect in a three hundred year old palazzo, but all Peggy can see is her masterpiece.  

She checks her watch again, “10 a.m.  They’re two hours late.”   She crosses the empty foyer from one corner to the other, then thru the soon-to-be dining room and finally steps onto the terrace off the back.  Fifty yards away she spots two men dressed in white overalls paddling a small boat down the busy canal.  “Finally!” she screams, knowing that they can’t hear her.

“You’re late!”, Peggy snaps.  She rushes the painters from one room to the next recounting how each is to be finished.  She is several rooms ahead of them when one of the painters whispers, “I hear she’s going to hang some ugly abstract paintings in this old place.”  Peggy pokes her head around the corner and quips, “Those ugly paintings need a beautiful place to hang, so I suggest you get started”.

1.  Photo by Tria Giovan
2.  Photo by Pieter Estersohn
1.  Thomas O'Brien's New York Apartment
2.  Kate Spade's New York apartment, design by Steven Sclaroff

1.  Photo by Miguel Flores-Vianna
2.  St. Petersburg art studio of Kuijni, photo by Pieter Estersohn
1 & 2.  Milan residence, photos by Melanie Acevedo
1.  Donald Judd sculpture, photo by Miguel Flores-Vianna
2.  Miles Redd

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