Monday, August 1, 2011

Tricky Wickets

Cruising down a winding country road with Mother Nature as our only escort and our beloved summer getaway the only destination, we’re finally free from summer’s grip.

A refreshing breeze blows through our hair as we enjoy the scenery through the tint of our sunglasses. After an hour (or two.. because who’s counting?) we approach the crest of a hill and catch a glimpse of the picturesque cottage peaking through a cluster of lazy willow trees.  It’s exactly as we remembered it, crisply painted with all the enchantment one expects from a country house.  Birds chirp and squirrels scatter as we’re greeted by the hydrangeas that have been patiently waiting all season for our arrival.

Once inside, each creek under foot from the wide-plank floors scares away the tension of the past few months.  Just as we’re sinking into the linen sofa, there’s a knock at the door.  Anxiously awaiting our arrival, our friends from down the road have popped in and brought us a basket of freshly picked vegetables from their garden that we’ll happily work into tomorrow’s dinner menu.  This evening, however, our annual Shirts vs. Skins croquet match is on! But before any of the extreme sporting begins, we’re all in need of some light refreshments.  After selecting our favorite color mallets, we sip on Pimm’s cups putting some of those freshly picked cucumbers to good use! Several rounds (and some missing balls) later, we make our way back towards the house avoiding the tricky wickets, as lightning bugs fill the evening air.
2. 1953 Chevorlet Corvette
2. French Country Log Basket by Cottage Home
2. Lyre Wall Light by Hector Finch
3. Boston Tumbler by Villeroy & Boch
3. Pimm's
2. Fenwick Chair by Mclain Wiesand

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  1. to my new found friends in anglophila, yes pimms is the best especially with croquet.......but then i frequently find myself in a sticky wicket

    love your design elements.....classic
    (also sg grand)

  2. Can I join you? We used to play croquet every sunday afternoon in the park in San Diego. Not exactly an English country house but not a bad second choice. This so reminded me of those lovely afternoons eating vegetable rolls, drinking chardonnay nad looking so smart in our white outfits. Loved this post