Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Call of the Wild

05 February 2010
Near Telluride, CO

This necktie has been irritating me all day.  It's the first thing to come off the moment I’m thru the front door.  I slip on a pair of old Redwing boots and grab the duffel bag that’s been sitting by the door.  Gus is already waiting with his leash in his mouth.  He loves these trips.  No fences, no people, no rules.  I load our things into the old Woody, and we're off.  Twenty minutes outside of Telluride, and the radio turns to static.  The only thing keeping us connected to civilization are the tire tracks in my rearview mirror.  The passenger window is cracked, allowing the smell of pine and snow to envelop the truck.  Each mile up the mountain, Gus becomes increasingly anxious.  He knows how long this trip takes, and recognizes that we should be there by now.  We come to a stop at the cabin, I open my car door, and Gus is over my lap and into the snow in a flash.  I don’t see him again for hours.  I never know where he goes, and he never offers an explanation.  A bark at the door, and this wild animal is ready to come inside to warm himself by the roaring fire.      
1.  Swiss Alps Ski Chalet, by Axel Vervoordt
2.  Photo by Paul Costello
3.  1986 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Woody
1.  Our Chocolate Lab, Gus
2.  Ice Fishing, Photo by Paul Costello
3.  Vintage Snowshoes
2.  Swiss Alps Ski Chalet, by Axel Vervoordt
2.  Swiss Alps Ski Chalet, by Axel Vervoordt
1.  Ralph Lauren's RRL Ranch
2.  Pair of Vintage Scottish Plaid Blanket Pillows
1.  Early 20th Century Glenwood Wood/Coal Burning Stove
3.  19th Century French Copper Cookware
1.  Swiss Alps Ski Chalet, by Axel Vervoordt
2.  Wild Boar's Head Tureen by Jean Paul Gourdon
2.  Loro Piana Quilted Cashmere Moccasin Slipper
3.  19th Century Khotan Carpet with Pomegranate Motif

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  1. awe - how cute! and what a cute name: Gus! I love it!!

    can't wait for the giveaway today!

    drop by allister bee soon!

  2. *** This is SOOOOOO "us"!!! We LOVED living 18 years in Europe, & skiing everywhere... it was UBER FANTASTIC, & the decor/design is sooooooo incredibly warm & beautifully rustic!!!!!!

    We built a small ski place in Park City (UT) upon returning, & that was an INCREDIBLE JOY to use in winter, as well as a retreat from the summer heat back in St. George (UT), 4 hours away... We moved "too far away" a few years ago to keep it, while permanently residing (now) in AZ... ("same" St. George-type-desert herw, but NO SKI HOUSE... Oh how I/WE missssssssssss THAT!!!

    !!!! ADORABLE DAWG!!!!!!! (Our hunting dawgs ADORE the snow!!!)...

    THANK YOU for the "EXTREME VISUAL TREAT" & for bringing back such FONNNNND MEMORIES for me (aNd my husband~~~ I shared your blog here with him, of course!)...

    Linda in AZ *


  3. Fabulous post - I just love your collages!!

  4. I must have that entire set of copper cookware to go in the Downton-esque kitchen that I also must have!