Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Moment We Wake Up

And before we put on our makeup...we all must pull ourselves out of bed.  Ugghhh....  With all of our technological advances, you'd think we could figure out how to spend just a little more time in bed each morning.  Maybe we should move to France...I hear they've got it figured out.  The truth is, we spend almost half of our lives in there's no excuse for itchy linens or poly-filled anything.  The bedroom should be an oasis, a getaway, like taking a vacation at home.  And if the bedroom is a vacation, then a bedroom at the cabin is like taking a vacation from your vacation.  A total Win-Win.

Check out some of our favorites below.  And if you don't mind, we're getting back to our vacation.  Enjoy! 
1.  Ateleir AM, via Veranda
2.  Evangeline Sconce by Jan Showers
3.  Veranda
1.  French Art Nouveau table lamp, c. 1904
2.  Thomas O'Brien, Aero Studios
1 & 3.  Windsor Smith
2.  Antique textile pillows by Lynda O'Connor, Textures4Home
1.  James Shearron, via Elle Decor
2.  South African Zebra Skin Rug
3.  French Empire Cheval Mirror, c. 1810
1.  Ryan Korban, via Lonny Magazine
2.  Jielde Lyon Floor Lamp, c. 1950
2.  Thomas O'Brien Trestle Bench for Hickory Chair

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