Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Handsome Imperfections

April's showers bring on the flowers, but they also bring on some pretty dreary days in the meantime.  The cabin, like no other place on Earth, embraces the thunderstorms and overcast tantrums that Mother Nature throws our way.  Similarly, there is no other place where weathered wall treatments, time-worn carpets and subdued color palettes are more at home than at the cabin.  Antique furniture and well-tread stone floors are free to fraternize with chipping paint and handsome imperfections without fear of judgment.  This is, after all, supposed to be a more restful environment where we've given ourselves permission to unwind and relax.  If Lady Nature is having a bad day, come inside and wait until she cools off.
2.  Charles Francis Annesley Vosey designed Tulip Rug, c. 1920, Doris Leslie Blau
2.  Por Vocacao Annapurna elbow detail knits 
3.  Irish mahogany serving table, c. 1830
2.  Brass eight arm chandelier, Ireland, c. 1880
2.  Oak and cut crystal tantalus, England, 19th century
2.  Mark McNairy saddle derby shoe
2.  The House Hotel, Istanbul
1.  Hawksmoor House, South Africa
3.  Swedish patinated bronze vessel, c. 1930

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