Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Plan, take one

In our absence, we've been busy planning, drawing and dreaming.  We've come up with a rough (although it was drawn in CAD) plan.  And to get this whole thing started, we're sharing the first couple of rooms.  The drawing below shows the Entry, Foyer and the combined Living Room and Library.
Keep in mind that this plan will be evolving and changing over the life of this project, as suggestions come in from our readers and as our own ideas change. Every journey needs a beginning.. right!?  What you're seeing above is the front entry with a coat closet. As you enter, you'll step up into the proper foyer with a graceful staircase to the left, and a powder room to the right.  Ahead, you enter the living room and adjacent library, each with it's own welcoming fireplace. The living room and library will be separated by a deep coffered archway. More on the design of that and other details later!

Below are several images we've collected as inspiration for this project (our apologies in advance that we didn't record the source of each image.  Going forward we'll be better about this).  Of course if you're at all familiar with the scale of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire's entrance to Chatsworth's private rooms, the scale is impressive and possibly a bit too grande for us, but the general feeling is something we're attracted to.  It's casual and elegant.  P.S.--We're keeping our fingers crossed that some variation of that red tufted sofa makes it way into the real cabin some day.

The Foyer:

The Living Room & Library:

Because this whole blogging thing is new to us, we're just beginning to see how this is going to pan out.  Layouts may change over the next couple of weeks in an attempt to make things better, but the concept will remain the same.  We'll be posting the latest drawing/plan of the cabin with a few inspiration images and the following posts will address different aspects of that plan.  For example, above we've included  an image of a red tufted sofa, so the next post we have lined up will address tufting...chairs, sofas, ottomans, etc...  All in hopes of inspiring our readers and helping us to understand our future cabin's identity.  

Until next time...

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