Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cabin Fever

My partner and I have a dream of owning a cabin in the woods.  Something simple yet grande, cozy yet breathtaking.  Just a place to go on weekends and holidays to get away from it all.  As avid collectors of all things antique (hence the "leftovers"), we often find ourselves making purchases and justifying them by saying things like, "Oh, this will be perfect for the cabin," or "We should get this now, who knows if it will still be here when we get the cabin."  It's sick, I know, but we're very devoted dreamers.

Over the years, there have been many crude attempts at floor plans...some drawn on napkins over brunch and some in AutoCad.  There have been quaint cottage style cabins, and grande Edwardian style manor house cabins.  Always there are disagreements and always the drawings get tossed aside for the next plan.  This cabin quest has become such a recurring theme in our lives that we've decided to start a blog to document the process.  The drawings, the inspirations and the collecting.  All will be documented for the world to see.  Who knows, maybe this cabin will never actually come to fruition, but throughout this blogging adventure we hope to chronicle our journey with the goal of one day sharing the glow of the first crackling fire with all of our friends and followers.

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